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Explore Flanders Leuven


Leuven is actually more of a big village than a city. It seems like everyone knows each other. It is of course also the Belgian student city par excellence.


The oldest university in Belgium is located here. 

Explore Flanders Leuven

Leuven also has a great history as a beer city. You can still visit the Stella Artois brewery (now InBev). Leuven is a perfect melting pot of old and new. Not only in terms of population, it is also visible in the old commercial buildings and guild houses, where today hip cafes and special concept restaurants are settled.


The rich history of the city can be found in every attraction. 

Leuven in brief

The Oude Markt is also called "the longest bar in Europe". In almost every old guild house you can eat or drink something in one of the countless bars and brasseries. However, the square, which has been beautifully preserved, is also worth a visit for its historical views. 

If you want to escape the noise of this bustling city, you have to go to the Sint-Donatuspark (the Stadspark), the Dijleterrassen and the Dijlepark. In short, ideal for those who want to combine nature, culture and gastronomy.

Explore Flanders Leuven

Some ideas for your team building in Leuven:

  • Escape Game

  • Urban Adventures

  • Choc-O-Rally

  • Eco teambuilding Green Feet

  • Dinner Game

  • Brewery tour

  • Biking Brunch

  • Candy walk

Explore Flanders Leuven
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