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Lier, this historic city on the Nete has something for everyone: walking, cycling, culture, shopping, delicious dining out and even Unesco World Heritage.


You can discover Lier perfectly while walking, because all the beautiful places are a stone's throw from each other. A number of historic places and beautiful buildings make Lier a beautiful town. Of course, the Grote Markt is the heart of the city, with its beautiful historic Town Hall and Belfry, where the small carillon plays a melody every fifteen minutes. 

Also on the market: the most famous tower of Lier, the Zimmertoren. The picturesque beguinage has 11 narrow streets and 162 houses. Just next to the Beguinage are numerous small almshouses idyllic around a beautiful courtyard.

Some ideas for your team building in Lier:

  • Sup-surfing on the Binnen Nete

  • City golf

  • Workshop graffiti

  • Segway tours

  • Lier's folk life

  • Pub Crawl

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