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Other Cities

Less artful, but certainly no less beautiful!

In addition to the 5 large, well-known Flemish art cities, there are also many untouched gems waiting to be discovered! Have you already gone to Flanders several times and do you want to experience a carefree team building in small groups? Then consider the following towns:

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Hasselt is a friendly city in the most sympathetic province of Flanders and the beating heart of Limburg. Hasselt welcomes you with open arms.

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Kortrijk has the allure of a big city with the cosiness of a village. This city is often mentioned in the same breath as the Leie. That river used to be very important for the flax industry in the city. Today it is above all a nice place to enjoy.

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Lier, this historic city on the Nete has something for everyone: walking, cycling, culture, shopping, delicious dining out and even Unesco World Heritage.


Oudenaarde is a glorious provincial town. Relatively small but with a wealth of sights from the past. The city is full of history and heritage.

The Flemish coast

The Flemish coast on the North Sea is pure enjoyment. The entire coast region has no less than 68 kilometers of golden sandy beaches and 13 seaside resorts, each with their own character and appearance.


Ypres not only has a centuries-old history, the city is best known as the unofficial capital of Flanders Fields, where the history of the First World War is still visible and even tangible.

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